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All weather proof Recyclable polypropylene Parts at least 3 year available

Reed and keep the instructions This product is maintenance free Clean with a damp cloth

Suitable for contract, domestic and camping use Recyclable eco friendly Rust free. Will not decay.

This product is easy to clean Reclinable chair Height adjustable

Stackable Maximum load is 55kg Maximum load is 110kg

Don’t use a knife to open the packaging Carry this box with 2 persons Use all four legs to sit on this chair

Don’t use instable surface Don’t use on slippery surface Don’t use if hotter than +40 degrees celcius

Don’t use if colder than -5 degrees celcius Don’t stand on chair Don’t sit on backrest

Don’t sit on armrest Don’t stand on table Don’t place hot items on furniture

Use an umbrella foot while using an umbrella with this table Air regularly Use screwdriver

Don’t use electrical tools Maximum load is 20kg Maximum load is 30kg

Maximum load is 40kg Maximum load is 50kg Machine max. torque 2

Fold until click Folding instruction Folding instruction